Exewrapper - run program in a configurable context

Runs an arbitrary child process and waits for its termination, while delegating the standard input, output and error to the child.

How to install

  1. Install Rust - https://www.rust-lang.org/tools/install
  2. Run CARGO_NET_GIT_FETCH_WITH_CLI=true cargo install --git https://git.wilem.eu/exewrapper.git

How to use

The wrapper will look for a config file at self path plus .conf at the end. For example, the wrapper is at C:\Users\ivan\bin\ashcmd.exe. The config file will be looked for at C:\Users\ivan\bin\ashcmd.exe.conf.

Full config contents with examples:

bin = 'C:\Users\ivan\bin\busybox.exe'
args = ["ash", "-c"]
rust_args = false
rust_args_as_one = false
debug = false

HOME = 'C:\Users\ivan'

Everything but bin is optional.