Convert Markdown to HTML

How to install

  1. Install Rust -
  2. Run cargo install --git

How to use

md2html 0.1.0

    md2html.exe [OPTIONS] -t <string> [infile]

        --cssembed <file>    Embed contents of this css file, instead of the built-in default
        --csshref <URL>      Generated html will dynamically load css from this url
    -h, --help               Prints help information
        --no-cssembed        Don't embed any css in the output html
    -o, --outfile <file>     Generate html into this file [default: stdout]
    -t <string>              Title for the html doc
    -V, --version            Prints version information

    <infile>    Read markdown from this file [default: stdin]

For example,

--no-cssembed/--cssembed and --csshref can mix. That is, you can embed css and still link to another style and maybe use that linked style to override the embedded defaults.